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SBB Question

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I currently have my hives on small table platforms I made to keep them off the ground.

I just put SBBs on my hives. It seems to me that to maximize ventillation in the summer, there should be some open space underneath the SBB right? Its now resting on the table and no air can get underneath. Should I prop up the hive a few inches on some 2x4s?

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Greetings ZEEBEE;

I use a Screened Bottom Board on my hive. Its elevated on legs about 6" above the ground. Last summer/fall, I removed the pull-out sticky board, leaving the screen open. During the past winter, I inserted the pull-out board and enclosed the opening under hive w/ a skirt, creating a dead-air space.

Have found some interesting things when inspecting the pull-out board!

Dave W . . .

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