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Saving Queen cells

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On April 27th one of our local Beekeepers was making splits, he inadvertently moved his Kelley Hygienic queen into the split. On his inspection the parent Queenless hive had 12 or more high quality queen cells

He would like to save as many of the Kelley Hygienic cells as possible.

We have several people in our area that want a start of bee's. Do you have a suggested plan for saving most of these emerging queens?

He was going to put individual screen wire cages over as many as he could. Is there more that he can do?
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Depends upon the foundation. If plastic, it can be very tricky cutting them off. If wax, then its pretty easy - just carefully cut them out an place them in mating nucs. I've used screen wire cages with plastic foundation, but then you're faced with introducing virgins. There's been plenty of discussion on introducing virgins, so please search to find what works best. Read up ASAP, as some techniques suggest a 3-day delay prior to introduction. Probably would place cages or cut out cells this Wednesday, which should be day 14.
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