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Saskatraz queens laying eggs

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I am a begininer in my third year. I have a question. I started out with Italians and lets just say that didnt work out as well as I wanted to. Decided to swicth to Saskatraz which I am very happy with. With Italians I was told that when Italians started laying you should always see eggs till she stops laying for winter. No one told me anything about Saskatraz. Comparing the two I think when the Saskatraz start laying they lay many more eggs than Italians.However there were times this year when I would check my Sassys and not find any eggs. Not having a mentor I did what I did with the Italians and bought a new queen. I only have four hives but on average I requeened each about twice which does not feel right. italians did seem when there were no eggs there were no queens, but I read some Sascatraz people say their queen took a little rest especially when nectar was low. If that is so how do you know if you have a queen without finding her and then how good a layer she is. I bought a lot of queens for the few hives I had ,but I thought I was queenless because no eggs and a great number of bees.Bee population great. Getting ready to do my last big check. What if I dont find any eggs. It has been warm in central Illinois, but down to 32 in the morning. First of cooling and probably be cool but not cold. Feeding2-1 sugar.Please help. I have no one else to talk to which is not good. Sascatraz breeders help.
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