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Safest Days to Move Capped Queen Cells

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Going to have to move some capped queen cells a fairly long distance and over a lot of bumpy terrain next weekend. Really need to do it on Day 11 and Day 12 (from egg). Will not have opportunity after that until after emergence. I think this is less than ideal. Would rather be moving at 13 or 14, especially this early in the season. Anybody else have hesitation over moving this early?

BTW, I am well past the 48 hour mark on this set.
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Yes, but if it needs to be done...get it done.
Better then, than days 8-11.
If after emergence should be only a few days after and the virgins will need to be banked.
And Cells are just easier to introduce and get accepted.
I wouldn't risk it..
I would emerge them in cages (in a hive) and use them when it convenient for me
If you are unable to move them on day 14, then you should consider letting them emerge first, banking them for a few days and then moving them. Yes, harder to get acceptance, but better than accepted queens that can't fly and become drone layers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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