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I bought an aftermarket extractor motor for an old SAF extractor. Installation was not difficult but did have a few work arounds. I have not used it yet for extraction. My motor source:

FIRST PICTURE: The motor bolts to the top brace across the extractor that holds the clear covers. It comes with 2 carriage bolts to bolt it down. I had to remove the nuts to allow the motor to contact the top brace flush. The drive shaft was not long enough if I did not remove the nuts first. One of the carriage bolts came out of the hole and I had to fish it back into the hole. Note the flush fit of the motor in the second picture.

SECOND PICTURE: The motor control unit comes predrilled with 2 holes. I had to grind down the center rib and make a new hole in the center to be able to mount it in the existing bolt. I may move it 90 degrees to one of the other preexisting holes in the extractor. This would give me access to my handles but would put an electric cord over one of the plastic cover.

THIRD PICTURE: I had to buy the option for an SAF extrator. It gives you 2 drive shaft adapters to convert to an SAF extractor. I used the longer of the two.

Control of speed is infinite between completely stopped and wide open. Looks like it will work well.

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