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Rutgers' Bee-ginner's Beekeeping 3-Day Training Course
October 11-13, 2012 | Bordentown, NJ | $175

This two and a half-day program covers the basics of apiculture by providing comprehensive information and hands-on experience to help students start, maintain and care for a honey bee colony. From disease and mite prevention and hive management to honey production, this class will cover everything you need to know to further your hobby or get your business off the ground.

Course topics include:
- Bee Biology
- Hive Management
- Queen Bee Purchasing
- Honey Extraction
- Candle-making

The apiculture course concludes with a half day hands-on program that will include assembling hives, opening and examining colonies as well as honey tasting.

>Bob Hughes, is a sideline beekeeper with over 25 years of beekeeping experience.
>Tim Schuler currently serves as State Apiarist with the NJ Department of Agriculture and has 22 years of beekeeping experience.

If you are interested in the October 2012 Bee-ginner's Beekeeping course, I suggest that you make a beeline for it and register as soon as possible!

See What All the Buzz is About - Register Online Today
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