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Russian Bees

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I had 6 hives abscond this year. The queens were either Carnolian from California, or from Bee Weaver from Texas. I also had Italians from Georgia. I am ordering pure Russians from Kelly Bees, here in Kentucky. I will pick them up April 17th, which is just about when our red maples start budding here in Kentucky. They will be in five frame nukes, from Mississippi. If I feed them, would I be able to make a split around May 15th. I would be putting a queen in the split from Mississippi. I live in Louisville, Ky.
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80 colonies +/- mostly Langstroth mediums, a few deeps for nuc production
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Abscond is often a misdiagnosis.
Google "Wintering bees in cold climates"
Start with the dead out analysis key about page 12 to get to root cause.
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