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So as an experiment last years, I tried out Russian bees for the first time. I got three nuc's going into the winter. It was a love hate relationship all summer and fall as I could never see much brood. I read on it and turns out they maintain very little brood during the off season. I didn't believe it could be sooo little.

Anyhow fast forward to today. 65 degrees out and bees are extremely active and bringing in pollen by the loads. I decided to see if the hype was worth it and see if they were building up. Cracked the top, first frame out was loaded with capped brood. First brood I had seen since last May. Looked at them all, same situation.

I think I love my Russian bee's

Now to the question. When do beek's in the pee dee region of SC start swarm control measures? I plan on transferring these 3 nuc's to 10 frame deeps, pulling 3 frames to start new nuc's and putting a second story with drawn comb on the deep. Basically expanding the nuc to a production type hive. I know I need to wait till we have drones flying for the split out, but could I / should I transfer them to the deeps now and expand the colony?
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