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Ross Rounds Rule.

Just follow the darned instructions.
I have no idea how many people have
blamed the ross rounds hardware for
being "hard for bees to work", only
to find upon questioning that the
beekeeper 'got creative' in his super

The best part about ross rounds is Llyod
Spear - you can e-mail him a question, and
get an answer quickly. He is a big user
of his own product, so he may know more
tips and hints than anyone.

But, the main thing with any comb honey
production is compressing the bees (after
some brood build-up) into a smaller hive
area to get them drawing comb quickly.

This is scary for most people, for reasons
I fail to comprehend. I compress 4 mediums
of hive into 3, 3 into 2, whatever. This
takes some reorganization of frames if brood
is spread all over the place, but is not
all that difficult to do.

Also, buy a book by Richard Taylor about
comb honey. He wrote like 6, but any of
them will be fine for getting started. He
may be dead now, but this does not prevent
him from STILL being the #1 authority on
comb honey.

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Thanks for the information. You hear people talk about using RR's, and they make it sound like the only thing more difficult is splitting the atom. I'm going to give it a try.

Thanks again!!

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