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Rose Geranium Oil for ticks

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Has anyone used this? I have read reviews online that people put a drop or two on their body and never get ticks. Also supposed to work for dogs.

I absolutely hate ticks. Finding one and I feel them crawling all day long.
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My wife uses Vladimir vodka with a few drops of lemongrass oil. It smells really nice. She mixes this in a handheld spray bottle and sprays it on herself before she walks the dog around the edge of the fields. It has worked for several years and there are lots of ticks around. I've been telling her that she will become the main feature for the new bee packages that should be arriving in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the bees won't be attracted to the cheap vodka. If they are, I can always ask the wife to volunteer for swarm bait duty. Citral = geranoil + Nerol made by hydrogenation of geraniol or nerol Geranium oil = citronellol + nerol + geraniol + other minor constituents
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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