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Robbing Behavior?

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This morning I noticed a lot of activity at the front of a hive I just started up 2 weeks ago. at 8am in the cool morning air a knot of bees larger than a softball bearding from the hive... Suspecting a possible robbing event I constricted the existing entrance reducer to 1/2 inch. The other 4 hives in the yard had normal morning activity

After lunch I got back home, the bearding bees were gone, walking back to the house I notices a swarm in a pine tree lots flying about, very docile to handle and look at. I put out a 5 frame nuc with 2 frames of wax, one with a little honey left on it.

4 hours later the swarm was pretty much in the nuc, shredding the wax, no queen in sight, still pretty docile. Nearby 25 feet or so at a 3 month old colony I noticed a lot of activity on one of the hive boxes, bees bearded around the back of the hive, a considerable amount, a lot of bees apparently fighting too. The bees at the established conolny much more angry, (2 stings later)

So it's entrance reducers on everything tonight, the nuc with just 3 frames and foundation open near-by, a dribble of sugar water in that and leaving it open.

Am I doing the right thing?

Can;t spank them all for bad behavior:no:
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"... dribble of sugar water in that and leaving it open...."
that encourages robbing. once they get going in earnest, they are hard to stop.
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