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I hived my package last week on drawn foundation, added in a couple of capped honey frames from last year & feeding 2:1. There has been a lot of activity outside the hive (orientation flights as well as pollen being brought in).

I was concerned that robbing was/would be taking place, so I installed a robber screen (vs a grass covered 1" hole in the entrance board).

I am noticing a lot of confusion and a number of dead bees out on the ground in front of the hive, as well as an increase in (sugar) ant activity (tho I did fill the feeder yesterday - but usually don't have so many).

I realize that I am getting close to a generation swap (dead bees), but how long should it take for the bees to orient to the entrance changes with the robber screen in place as there is some clustering on various locations outside the hive?-
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