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Robbed Hive: Can I Use the Frames?

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I had a small hive robbed recently. Can I move the robbed frames into my other two hives when I put another super on?
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Do you know why the hive was weak and ended up getting robbed out? There is probably no harm since any disease would already have been transmitted to the other hives. Transfering the frames into stong hives will protect the comb and give you a starting point for next year's splits.

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The hive was one I had rescued and was always a small colony. No indication of any disease or problems. It was probably just too small and weak to defend itself. I had concerns that it would not make it through the winter anyhow, so did nothing to try to stop the robbing.

I was hoping I could use the frames. My other two hives are strong and can benefit from already formed comb.

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