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Robbed a hive and the bees left..

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I have/had a good strong hive of bees that I didnt rob last year, I robbed it a month ago and it was full to the top with honey, plenty of brood,no pest.. About a week later the whole swarm took off and havent been seen since.. When this happens does the queen qiut laying before they leave? I had always thought they wouldnt leave their brood. thanks!
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Did all of the bees leave, like they absconded?

Is there any bees left in the hive like they swarmed? It is getting late in the season for swarming but not unheard of.
They all left..:s
How did you clear the bees from the supers? Do you have another hive close to them?
Sounds like they absconded to me.
What are the causes of such happenings? Do they scream :ws and fly off into the night? What are the hive conditions that have to be met before the bees will just up and leave?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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