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Reusing Burr Comb

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I have several pieces of burr comb I want to reuse as foundation in Queen Breeding Nuc's, I want to fasten a piece of this burr comb to the top bar, will melted wax fasten the burr comb to the top bar?

When it gets hot in the summer is the wax going to hold the burrcomb

Has someone tried this or am I going to have to do it and report back?

I have used rubberbands to hold the comb in place, occassionally the bee's do not get it fastened and the weight causes it to fall.
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I would worry that it would stay attached once there was some weight of bees, honey and brood on it. I have have bees build beautiful combs in between frames of foundation before I started drawing foundation 11 frames to a box. If it is a big piece like that, I would rubberband it in a frame or tie it in a frame with fishing line.
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