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I thought this might be of interest.

I moved the bees from my observation hive (4 deep frames) into a 10 frame deep 24 days ago. When I moved them I added additional drawn and undrawn frames to the 10 frame deep. My observation hive is set up to hold 4 deeps (2 wide by 2 deep) or 6 mediums (t wide by 3 deep). It is mounted outside one of my dining room windows. When I moved the 4 deep frames from the OB to the 10 frame, I left the 10 frame box on a ladder next to the OB. 7 days later, I moved the “New hive” to another site, miles away.

Meanwhile I just stuck a couple of medium frames in the OB, mainly to keep them the foundation from warping (left laying on the side in my garage).

I retrieved the “new hive” yesterday. They had been at the other site for 17 days. I placed it on some property about 200 yards from the original location. Over a pond and on the other side of lots of trees, no line of sight.

The attached picture is from tonight. These ladies started showing up before 8:00 this morning, loaded with pollen.

Question, should I take the frame of bees back to the other hive, or what? I haven’t decided yet. They look to be trying to draw some comb (of course from the wrong place as I did not really have the spacing in the OB setup for bees yet.)

Oh, and they are in the OB, you just can’t see the glass in this picture.
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