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Hello All!

I posted without seeing the introduction forum. Sorry! I yam a crazy midwestern white boy who doesn't belong on this planet, and possibly any other. After my teenage years, I ended up in Florida where I spent 30 years getting dragged down. Finally came back to the home my parents had set up on an old Dairy farm in Murfreesboro TN when my Dad died.

Though we had bees in about 3 states (one at a time), and over a 25 year period, my parents finally got fed up with them in the 90's and gave the whole "kit 'n kaboodle" to a local who left one hive promising to come back and get it someday. He didn't.

I was surprised to go out to the old hay barn and discover a stack of deeps and supers with the bottom and top board in place, tried to take the cover off, and suddenly realised there were bees in the hive! I have been studying how to get this situation in order and have been lurking in the forums for around a year now.

I've built my first Kenyan Top Bar Hive, and am now trying to decide which strategy to use in getting the bees out of the mismanaged hive, and into a place where I can use them for pollination if nothing else. The bees are Italian stock, have buried themselves in the barn floor, have chewed a hole in a corner of one of the supers for an entry, and are fairly gentle. Trying to peel the cover off to look inside, I got a head bump; most of the time they fly into me while I work on my worm beds 20 feet away.
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