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This week we bring you a great interview with Ashlee Robison who is a Senior Chemistry Major studying at Fort Lewis College in Colorado. She is doing research into the use of Thymol in controlling Varroa Mites.

Researching a Thymol Treatment for Varroa Mites

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why the existing methods of using Thymol are not efficient
  • What is the biggest parasite of the Honey Bees in North America
  • How do you attach a Thymol Molecule to a sugar Molecule.
  • How to feed Thymol to Bees
  • Nectar is a Glucose and Fructose Molecule connected together
  • Field trials are going to start next Spring in North America
  • Is it worth planting Thyme Plants near your Bee hives</li>

Have you ever used Thymol in your Beekeeping? Did it work for you?


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