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Research Entomologist
Agricultural Research Service
Open & closing dates 06/04/2018 to 06/08/2018
Salary • $73,884 to $96,049 per year
Pay scale & grade GS 12
Work schedule Full-Time
Appointment type Permanent
Location 1 vacancy in the following location: • Tucson, AZ
Major Duties: As a Research Entomologist the incumbent will perform the following:
◦ Participates in a research program investigating the nutritional value of pollen and nectar to honey bees, and identifying factors that may influence this;
◦ Conducts research to determine the effects of nutrients in pollen and nectar on honey bee physiology and colony health;
◦ Develops recommendations on plant and soil management methods that can improve the nutritional value of pollen and nectar;
◦ Establishes and maintains collaborations with other scientists to conduct studies on the effects of nutrition on honey bee physiology and colony health;
◦ Transfers technology through scholarly publications, patents and presentations to scientific and industry groups;
◦ Nutritional analyses of pollen and nectar collected from plants grown under defined conditions, and determination of the effects on honey bees at the individual and colony level; and
◦ Identify the effects of specific nutrients on honey bee physiology, gene expression and colony growth and survival.

This announcement will open 06/04/2018 and close on 06/08/2018 OR on the day we received the 50th application. If you have any questions regarding this position please contact Amanda Wilkerson, Human Resources Specialist, at 301-504-7266 or [email protected].
To apply for this position please click on the following link:
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