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Hives go into terminal decline if they lack critical mass. The lethargic, demoralized condition of the remaining bees is a clue. I would look to supplement the hive, or abandon the cause and combine.

We've all had experience with the "cupful of bees and a queen" that became star producers, but just as often those dinks just blink out.

Eggs might be early though. Wait another 3-4 days. Feed sub, because if there is no pollen and no field force to gather, and no nurse bees to make royal jelly, there will be no eggs hatching.

I've had dink hives that I nursed along, popping brood into them repeatedly --- but the bees just ate the larvae for protein, and cleaned the comb ****-and-span. They won't brood more than they can cover, no how much you've added.
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