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Requeening--all the same, or different?

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I may be requeening 3 to 4 hives this season, due to aggression.

I will probably buy queens from R. Weaver or B. Weaver. If I went with B. Weaver, I would be getting same-strain queens. But with R. Weaver, I could get a buckfast or an All-American.

The only bees I have ever bought are from R. Weaver (SMR package). So I have not had the opportunity to experiment. The SMR hive is on its 4th season, never requeened. I think they have likely superceded, but I can't be sure. The marking on my queen came off during the first season (I know, because I saw her when half the marking had come off).

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At this early point in the season, I might take a moment and think about getting a Northern queen from a supplier in the North. It sounds like re-queening is something that you want to do, opposed to something you HAVE to do immediately. While Northern queens aren't available just yet, if you can hold off, they should come available around early or mid-May.

Northern queens are reputed to be more winter hardy. They are more gentle, due to less likelihood of AHB genes. And they'll introduce good genetics into your gene pool. That's something we could all use.

Just something to maybe chew on...
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