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One of my hives has swarmed leaving several capped queen cells. I am planning to requeen it with a nucleus. I shook through the frames and destroyed all cells and shook several frames of bees into another nucleus hive I have. Then I placed the brood frames in the top super after shaking them clean enough to see if there were any virgin queens on them, then I placed the stores in the bottom chamber with a queen excluder over it and then the brood chamber on top of that.
I heard a virgin piping in the nucleus I dumped the extra bees into, I doubt she would come back since I think she just hatched. But I'm not sure if there are other virgins in the bottom super.
My first question is if I replace the excluder with a double screen can I now join the top chamber with the requeening nucleus? The reason I ask is that I thought I have heard somewhere that a virgin queen can squeeze the an excluder.
I plan to check the hive today and see if there is any new queen cells, if I find some would this mean there aren’t any virgin queens in the bottom chamber as well?

Thanks, Daniel
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