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Requeened with dud

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I made a split back in April with a new queen I purchased. She was released successfully and all appeared well. I inspected the hive a second time. two weeks after introducing her and found they were building supercedure cells. The new queen was there and moving around so I removed the queen cells. 3rd inspection and more supercedure cells and very little brood some drone cells and very few new worker bees. (Easy to tell new workers Italian queen in carniolan hive) So I ordered another queen and removed the failing queen one day before introducing the new queen. So now I'm a month behind in brood production on this hive. I have 3 other hives that are doing great. Should I move a frame of brood from the other hives to help them catch up if so when? I don't want to disturb the hive while the new queen is getting adjusted. Or should I just leave them alone?