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Here's my situation -- the queen flew away from my newly hived colony when I was putting in a marshmallow. It happened so fast and she looked so small, I thought surely she was a worker, and that the bees had let the queen out already (the cork was on its side), and somehow a worker got stuck in there. Of course, there was soon a cluster of bees on the fence that probably had the queen in it, but my reaction was "duh, wonder what they're doing?" :doh:.

So. A week later I inspect the hive, and no sign of eggs. I call my supplier and he rounds up another queen for me, but it takes another week and a couple days to get it because I was trying to get pure Carniolan, and the easily available queens were all Carniolan/Italian. Anyway, he puts the queen in on a frame with bees from the hive she had already been established in and puts paper in between the frames on one end of the hive so they'll combine, and everything appears to have gone smoothly. Also, we looked for eggs when he put in the new queen and didn't see any.

So now, I inspect the first time since the new queen, and the only frame with eggs and young brood are on the queen's original frame. It's been about a week since the combine. I didn't see the queen, but there were indeed eggs. I took off the newspaper because they had broken through it enough, but it didn't look like the queen and maybe the other bees were moving around. But there was sporadic (not patterned) drone brood throughout the frames on the side of the hive without the queen in it. It was almost all capped.

The bees were considerably more mellow than they had been, and since the drone brood was all old, does the hive appear to be queenright now?
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