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sure them bees have survived on their own for that long. They should have some good genetics.
They have probably swarmed before too so why not try trapping some local swarms too? for your top bar and other empty boxes.
Some might but I wouldn't try to get my girls to swarm but instead manage them and add box's when they need them thus keeping their numbers up to work the crops and help build up new comb in the new box. You might want to exchange some of the old comb frames if it looks real black and use them in your traps for added scent. once you get the original hive good and strong then do a split. It might take until next year to get them ready but maybe not.
I've had problems w/ introducing bee's onto new plastic foundation but have made it work by closing the hive up for a couple days to get them used to it. The new scent of the new box might bother them, probably not.
Look for local clubs and read through this site if you can. The search option is real easyand helpful.
Good Luck
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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