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Removal of a swarm that just moved into a tree in someones yard

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I got a message about an hour ago that A guy had a swarm of bees move into a tree right by his front porch. He watched them go in. The tree has a hole that has been covered But over time i guess there is a now a small opening around the cover. Supposedly this guy has lived there a long time and no bees have ever been in that tree before. Now with the swarm just moving in there. I think a person could pour the smoke to them and make them abscond and ball up right there somwhere and catch them. First off if I took that cover off the hole the entrance would be too big for them to stay in and with them not having anything to defend in there looks like pouring some smoke to them would run them out in just a few minutes. What do you folks think? his family is wanting him to get someone to get them out of there. I told them if they did something right now really quick would be alot easier than waiting.
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Yes, if you have the time to set there and pour the smoke to it and maybe use a little Bee Quick or similar you can make them uncomfortable enough to abscond. If it is a dead tree, be careful not to set it on fire!
its not a dead tree. I think the guy is not too sure he wants them out of there. LOL they are right beside his driveway and his front porch not very high up. If they were real gentle they probably wont ever be a problem, but If he lets them stay in there I bet by late summer he will want them gone and then the tree will have to be cut more than likely. I told them if they want them gone There is probaby a 90% chance I cn get them out of that tree. with smoke, but it has to be right now. They have only been in that tree about an hour and a half right now. I think I could make them abscond with smoke
no I dont have any. I need to get me some of it or Bee go or similiar though just to have around. I dont use that stuff when I take supers off, but i need some of it around just for cases like this. The guy doesnt seem to really want them gone, but his family does LOL.
Have done that trick with Bee Go. (Just moved in)
If they just moved in, bee go, bee quick or moth balls should work to drive them out. If they are established it is MUCH harder...
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