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released queen

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Well I had placed the new queen cage into the hive, took out the cork a day or two later that was on the 4th, so released her today and she flew off. Well Michael Bush has a post either on here or on his site, maybe both, that says to stand still and she will orient on you. Well a few minutes later saw her walking on one of the coffee cans that the legs of the stand are in and she promptly fell into the can that had oil and water (mostly water from rain), fished her out and placed her on top of the frames and she went down in between the frames.
The oil was vegetable oil do you think it will hurt anything, I'm hoping they will clean her up and she will get to laying.
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Well for your first post that is pretty original! I would "GUESS" that she will be fine, cleaned up and laying in a couple of weeks, but I'd give her two full weeks and then go look for eggs, larva and capped brood. but give her a couple of weeks....
OK thanks for the advice, I hope she's good. New at keeping bees, and really enjoying my bees.
The bees will most likely clean her up and get her going. However if they find flaw with her, they will let her lay for a couple days and then start a supercedure cell or two. If so don't get too alarmed as it's their way of fixing what was wrong. Just check back in on her within 5 to 7 days from today to find out for sure what's going on. Don't worry about finding the queen either, just make sure you see eggs.. One per cell and layed in the center bottom of each cell. If so you're good to go.
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