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Relationship between Heavy flow & Swarming

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I have only gotten calls for 2 swarms and only know of 3 or 4 more from other beeks. Last year was a sorry flow and too much rain. Swarm calls were keeping my phone hot.

This year weather is nice and the bees are bringing in nectar and making honey. Not sure I can put any more boxes on 1 hive. It's on cinder block and 9 high including the high & medium brood boxes. Probably will run out of boxes if this keeps up. I have been adding 9-frame setups and moving 4 of the extended frames of honey to the new box and then adding the new frames of foundation. foundationless, or comb between them. The foundation frames are coming out great. Not messing them up. Bees capping over the extended frames and moving on to the newly added frames.

Could this be why we are not having swarms? They are too busy bringing in nectar? I do realize that if they don't have enough space to move the nectar from frames of nectar to frames of honey, they will swarm.
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What I have found is when the weather is good, the flow is on, and the bees can work they will swarm alot less. When you have a high population and the weather is rainy for 4 or more days straight the bees will have a tendancy to swarm more.
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