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Refractometer question

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Can a "honey refractometer" be used to test maple syrup, or visa versa? Also where is the best deal on one of these?
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I have a maple refractometer with 2 scales of differing Brix values. The first is for sap, and ranges from 0 Brix to about 45. The second ranges from 45 to 75.

Maple syrup is 67 brix, while honey is about 82 to 85. So...a dedicated Maple refractometer won't work for honey as the scale doesn't go high enough. It can be used for making bee feed. That's what I use mine for I no longer produce maple.

If the scale on a honey refractometer includes the scale from low 60s to high 80s, then it could be used for both.
You can find a good selection and price at

They also have multiple auctions on Ebay
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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