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Record keeping after a swarm.

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I use Hivetracks to do my record keeping. Ive done decent job at keeping up with my queens history and pertinent information. I have a 2 year history of a hive and the queen and 5 or 6 inspections listed and now it swarmed, so the old queen and all her information is now in another hive, but the health of the bees, the disease history, treatment etc are still relevant to the origonal hive......i think.

So what do you guys do when one of your hives swarms and you have a good history of the hive its now in another box ? I have my hives marked with QR codes. I don't feel right taking the QR code and putting it with the swarm, because all the history is no longer relevant.
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I start it as a new hive with a note to the original info
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