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I captured a swarm 17 days ago, very strong, and fed syrup initially.
Weather has been squirrely so didn't get in to check them until today where I see many, many Swarm/Supercedure Cells spread over 2-3 frames, some at frame bottom, some mid-frame.
There are 3-4 frames with mixed capped worker brood, pollen, nectar and capped honey/nectar, but no eggs or uncapped brood at all.
They have built/are strongly building comb on the other 3-4 frames.
I found no queen.

Weather has been bad enough to prevent mating flights most of this time, so it's possible the swarm had a virgin queen who still has not mated...

I am wondering what is the minimum configuration for attempting to split this 'queenless' colony?
I guess I'm thinking "all these new queens, hate to 'waste' them ;) is this a big mistake?

I do understand population is in decline for at least 4 more days before new workers could potentially emerge.

Thinking of moving one frame of mixed capped brood w/nurse bees, Queen Cells, pollen and nectar plus another fame of partial empty comb and nectar for the soon-to-emerge queen to lay in, and perhaps a frame feeder with syrup into a 5-frame nuc with follower board, and a shake or two of nurse bees from the original deep.
And leave the original deep with everything else.

Am I trying too hard or would this likely be ok, considering we're in full flow right now in North CA?
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