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Re using SHB Dead out comb

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Ok there is a lot of conflicting advice on how to re use comb from SHB infestation. Some say freeze and simply put back on a hive, others wash the comb after freezing, other say don't re use

I found 3, 5 frame splits that failed and had SHB Larva taking over. (One, the queen was still present so I saved her to re queen a laying worker Nuc). I am freezing the 15 frames now and plan on washing them down after 24 hours.

What next? Can I put 5 frames over strong Nuc?
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I think it depends on the condition of the comb. If it was relatively dry comb with SHB larva all over the place, then I think freezing it is all you should do. If it was wet and the SHB larva had "slimed" the comb, then I would probably wash it. I see no reason that the comb would need to be destroyed or thrown out. I have thrown plenty of SHB frames out, but only because I was too lazy to clean them up.

Putting 5 cleaned up combs over a booming nuc sounds fine to me.
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