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Re-queening idea / plan

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I have one hive that is a captured swarm / survivor stock. It by far does the best of any hive I own, I don't treat as they never needed it, and I've already have a 3/4 full super and a 2nd going on soon.

I do not want to distrupt honey production for this hive, but do want to find a way to use this stock to re-queen some of my other hives.

Here is what I am thinking. I plan on taking the queen and a frame of brood with nurse bees and put in a NUC. The 5 frames of the nuc will be:
1) brood w/queen
2) Stores (honey/pollen) including the bees that were on it
3) frame of drawn comb
4) empty frame
5) frame feeder

I'll set up this NUC 200 yards away from the original hive, and keep them shut in for one day.

As soon as I remove the original queen, the original hive should then go into emergency mode and make queen cells.

During this process I don't want to slow down bee production, so I can keep taking frames of brood/eggs from the NUC and putting them back into the main hive - keeping the population up during this nector season.

The main hive in a few weeks will make their own queen, as well as if there should be some extra queen cells, which I will move frame and all into another NUC box. After these new queen cells hatch/ mates and starts laying - I can use this entire NUC w/ queen to re-queen one of my other weaker hives.

Then with luck the main hive will produce a new queen who will start laying. If they fail, I will keep giving them frames of brood/eggs from the NUC until they succecced.

How does this plan sound? If it all works out, I will have re-queened my original hive (it needs it as she is 3 years old at least), used survivor stock to re-queen other hives, while not seriously impacting honey production.
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try to shake the nurse bees off 1 or 2 more extra frames of brood into your nuk, for a little more help getting started. good luck,mike
I agree with Mike, one frame of bees and brood is a little light for a nuc..shake some extra bees....or if you have additional hives pull another frame of brood and bees from one of those hives and add it to this nuc.
if I pull one frame of brood/nurse bees from one hive and another frame of the same from a different hive.

Any issues with throwing them both together at the same time?
No issues! Most of the bees on the brood frames will be young bees. They get along just fine with the others.
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