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Greetings from Gold Star Honeybees!

The Gold Star Deluxe top bar hive kit gets the Gold ⭐ Star when it comes to easy inspections, quality construction, versatility, and in-the-field lifespan.

Made of sustainable, long-lasting cypress, our Deluxe Hive kit will make your beekeeping journey easier.

For more on the woods we use, have a look here.

Order here.
Single and Double Startup kits available too!

Assembly is simple. The only tools you will need are a Philips head screwdriver and a staple gun!

Your hive kit contains:

30 Gold Star top bars*: 17.5" long x 1.375" wide
2 follower boards
20 spacers
4" x 36" glass observation window (installed)
Screened hive bottom
Removable bottom board
All wooden parts are pre-drilled and countersunk
All hardware is included
Concise assembly instructions
Made in North Carolina, USA.

*A Special Note about Interchangeability and Gold Star top bars:
As one's bee yard grows, interchangeability between hives is crucial! This one simple feature - interchangeability - enables you to solve problems between hives, simplifies all your hive management, and provides a wonderful way for you to be able to support new top bar beekeepers. The Gold ⭐ Star top bar will fit in Golden Mean top bar hives and the former, now defunct Bee Thinking and Bee Built top bar hives. (Unfortunately, the reverse is not true.)

You can reach us at:
Gold Star Honeybees
PO Box 62
Spruce Pine, NC 28777
or 828-552-5225
or [email protected]

-- Christy
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