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The weather at my hives has not been great, rain, near freezing 2 or 3 days last week. I thought nectar and pollen
would be scarce. Hive check on Saturday showed good amounts of honey and pollen all through the hive.
They were backfilling the 3rd 8 frame medium brood box I put on a month ago.I did feed sugar for the first time
about a month ago. Each hive got roughly 2-3 lbs of dry white sugar. I wonder if what I was seeing could be
sugar honey. SO the question is how much space would honey from 2-3 lbs of sugar take up? I cant imagine 2-3
lbs of sugar would feed a hive for 3 weeks and have leftover to fill frames. Would it?? HOw long would it take
the hive to process 2-3 lbs? I do not have any idea about this. I am trying to figure if the flow is on heavy or the
sugar is much longer lasting than I think. ??

On another note, my new packages are doing well and all seem fairly gentle. The big issue is queen is running
low on laying space!! I have two empty hives with drawn comb right next to my hives though, hoping any swarm
will enter my empties.
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