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random mystery bees...any guesses as to what it is?

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I recently installed some carnie packages and i saw some of these guys on the empty package the next day. they are quite small indeed, as can be noticed in the second picture where a fully developed EHB is present.

and if I'm lucky you see pictures...

well, there are links to pics. I"m not sure how to make them appear i nthe text. I'm sorry :(
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The top picture looks to me like a solitary wasp that I see in my flower gardens. On the package cage I think I see a honey bee and a couple solitary wasps looking for something to eat.
thanks for the information. i thought they were cute little critters and they were pretty docile and let me touch/prod them around a bit. i had never seen them before and was just a bit curious.
You got any squash around, look a lot like squash bees
A squash bee was my best guess for this cutie. She was a little larger than a honeybee.

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>A squash bee was my best guess for this cutie.

I think that's a good guess.
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