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I used to use a two-frame hand-crank tangential and a four-frame hand-crank tangential. Both were cheap when I was starting out, but slow. So I'd use one until the bottom got full of honey, and while it drained, I switched to the other one. Back and forth, side by side, spin/flip, etc.

They worked just fine.

Then I graduated to a radial, 20-frame motorized unit. I think it takes just as long to spin out 20 frames in one radial load as it does to spin out 20 frames in 10 loads on the tangential. The radial needs to start slow and I gradually turn the speed up. The tangential, even with the flipping, seems to unload the comb faster because of the angle of the frame to the force. But then you need to flip them over. Two or three good spins and the honey is out.

But as for spinning out "more" honey? I don't think so. I usually let my motorized unit spin until I've got another 20 frames uncapped and hanging in my uncapping rack. When I unload, those frames are nice and slick with no appreciable honey left in the comb.

I've also found my best spinning/extracting is when I bring in a dozen supers in the afternoon and stack and cover them in my honey house. Then, after dinner while the warmth of the hive is still in those supers, I uncap and extract.

If you want to wait a couple of days until they're cold, you'll leave more honey in the comb.

My advantage comes when I can leave the motorized radial to spin while I uncap some more frames.

And I'm still trying to trick my teenagers into thinking this is the best family activity ever intented.

Yeah, sure, dad.

Jackson, MO
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