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Quinoa flour vs Soy flour in patties

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Anyone tried this, or heard of this? On Whole Earth Foods blog:

"Quinoa: This delightful little grain comes from high in the Andes Mountains where the Inca cultivated it and named it as the “Mother of all Grains.” I use it to make quick and easy pilaf dishes, whole grain breakfast cereal (it’s good with nuts and raisins!) and in many recipes that call for rice or couscous. Quinoa is particularly nutritious, containing higher amounts of protein than other grains. In fact, it is considered a complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids. As well, it delivers vitamins, minerals, and fiber."
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After a while, I got old myself. Of course my local Whole Foods market didn't carry, but am checking the other one here in town (found it on line, of course). With its high protein content, amino acids and vitamins, seems like a better choice than soy. I hated brussel sprouts as a child (despite how good they were supposed to be for me), so how the bees like it is another question.
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