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quick help!

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I just went out to look at my bees and i noticed 2 hugh swarms in tree next to hives. I sure one of them swarmed and that is it. Can i use two boxes 40 ft from hives with 2 swarm lures to try to get them? Any help ASAP would be great:eek:
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Once they have swarmed most likely they have a choice of where they will go. A lure after they have swarmed won't be much use.
Once their in the trees you pretty much need to manually get them.

If you can't get up to it with a ladder try a pole with a bucket on it. Hit the ?branch? hard and let them fall into it (wear your gear).

They won't be there forever so you either need to get them or let them go. A swarm may stay for a day or maybe even two or a few minutes so youre kind of working to beat the clock. But don't do something that will get you hurt.
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