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Hey all!

Just got done with my inspections today and noticed a few things that seemed a little strange.

1. I am using top entrances only with solid board as the bottom. The same style equipment is used in my 2 hives, however, in the hive that is only a single deep (adding a medium later today) the back corners of the inside of the top have spots of mold, whereas the other hive that is 1 deep and 1 medium already has no mold anywhere on the lid. Both have all 10 frames of the deep drawn to mostly drawn and have stores/brood in them. This is the first inspection that I noticed the mold.

Is this just from 1 hive being bigger and thus being able to regulate their temps better? Will they clean it up or do I need to go scrub on it with something?

2. I noticed something kinda wonky in the bigger of the 2 hives. Some of the drone comb they built seems to be angled upwards instead of 90° from the frame. In this same frame the worker comb they built is pointing out correctly, just the drone comb they were building separate then merged once it got big enough is angled upwards at about 75°.

It doesn't seem like this is a really big problem as they still have capped drone as well as eggs and larvae in the comb. Just looks weird that its facing slightly upwards. Using foundationless and for the most part the boxes are level side to side, a bit sloped to the front for runoff.

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