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Hello, I am a student and I am writing a paper about Colony Collapse Disorder and how the decline of the bee population is affecting agricultural businesses. Last year my family had 12 hives and lost 11 over the winter. I would like to know about beekeepers’ personal experiences and how their business or production has been affected by the loss of bees. I would also like to know what the cause of CCD is and what can be done to prevent it. I’d appreciate it if you could answer a few of my questions to help with my research.

How many hives did you have going into winter of 2017/2018?

How many hives did you lose?
What was the cause? Were they abandoned, have mites, or unknown?

Did the lost hives still have food available to them?

How much does it cost to replace the bees that were lost? (price per hive)

How has the loss of hives affected your business?

Was this year’s production affected by the loss?

Do you provide pollination services with your hives?
If yes, has the crop production been affected?

What do you think the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder is?

What do you think can be done to prevent CCD?
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