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question on splitting

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Can I take frames from different hives, put them into a new hive, hang a new queen in there, and get it started? Will bees from different hives fight/cause issues if they are brought together that way?

For example, if I have 3 hives, two of which aren't big enough to split, but individually each has a couple of decent frames and bees on those frames - can I take part of each hive, combine them, hang a new queen, and make magic?

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it is done like that around here like that all the time. we pull a frame from 3 diffrent nucs to make a new nuc. works like a charm
Thanks. that is what I will do. I hoped it wouldn't cause some sort of major battle. I just need a queen then, and I'll be set. I'd rather get a known one than pull a frame with a queen cell at this time - not sure if I'd like the quality of an unknown at this time, being new to this and all!
When you take the brood and honey from the two average colonies, shake off the bees. Place brood and some honey/pollen frames in an empty body and place on the strong hive over excluder. Harvest bees from the strong one for your split. Leave the average colonies with the bees they have.
You can move freshly emerged baby bees without worries of fighting. These are the fuzzy grayish bees. Older field bees will fight if you place them in a new hive.

Using Mike Palmer's advice of shaking the bees off the frame and placing over an excluder is a good way to get frames of young baby bees because baby bees will come through the excluder to cover the brood. Older field bees aren't concerned with taking care of brood.
Roger that. Will try to move the young'uns! ;)
yes you can add frames with bees from seperate hives to build a split/nuc. This is the way we do it all the time. Most of the bees clinging to the frames over the brood you are taking are the nurse/house bees and there wont be a problem. Good luck
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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