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question on newly painted supers

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Ok, So I am running behind as normal and need to pull honey supers off my hives. When I do that I will need to place at least one empty super back on so the girls will have room. The supers I have give to the bees during this time will be freshly painted. Say like 5 hours from being painted. Will this be ok?
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As long as there isn't paint on the edges, and the paint is on the outside of the super, there shouldn't be a problem if you're using latex. Have you thought about just putting the unpainted supers on for a couple of days until you can return the ones you pulled?
no problem. Rub some wax or something on the edge to prevent sticking. As far as cure time, it really depends on the type of paint, humidity and temp. I use valspar (love it), it usually takes about a week for it to be totally set, within a few hours its usable but still sticky.
I would place the newly painted super into the hot Texas sun right after you paint it, if possible. I did this with mine 2 years ago and was lucky for a nice hot sunny day. I put the girls in about 4 hours after and was fine. The sun dried the paint where it was not even sticky. This was normal outside paint that was laying around. Nothing special. good luck.
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