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Question on local Nuc's supplier

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I went through this last year and was dumb enough to go back this year. I ordered two Nuc's from a semi local beekeeper. I payed him several months ago, and he cashed the check shortly after he got it. I have emailed him and the last response I got from him was they should be ready next week. That was on May 19th. I have tried not to pester but have had no response since. This man from what I can find is a state bee inspector for the state of Illinois.

I emailed him today asking for a refund. Really, I have two hives I started from packages in April I could do splits off of now. Sorry, I may be ranting but I could have spent that money with the suppliers of packages and had good productive hives by now. The worst part is he will not communicate.
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Sorry to hear that. PM me for info on local nucs. Thanks.
Good point. The lack of communication is always a bad thing. It appears the locally bred queens in Northern Illinois are just becoming available this week from what I have been told. Unless you are buying overwintered nucs then it seems like the packages (with re-queening from locals if desired) may just end up a bit further ahead in the long run, as you have pointed out.
OK, I picked up the Nuc's today. He emailed me yesterday morning and all it said was 10-12. I took that to mean 10am to 12 noon. I emailed back asking What day with no response. I emailed back before I left work explaining if it was during the week I would need to take a day off and to please let me know location and date. I got to work this morning and had an email sent at 8 am saying any time 10 to 12 plus location. A huge improvement in communications. I email him back I will be there by noon, even got a reply OK. So I took the day off and drove over 2 1/2 hours one way. I get there and they still have the nuc open. I hate to think how many foragers I left behind, I picked up at 11:30. I get home and install one of the nuc's and it is four frames. A couple of frames half full of brood and bees. No supplies. The frames must have came out of a hive with wide spacing. I put them in an 8 frame hive and could only fit 7 frames in. I will never do business with this person again. If any of you are from Illinois PM me and I will give you his name.
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