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Question on keeping Queen in hive

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I caught a swarm that came out of one of my hives, they stayed till the next day and came out. I was able to catch them the second time and placed a queen excluder between the bottom board and hive body. My question is how long should I leave the excluder in place before removing ?
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I would wait until there is eggs or new brood, something to hold them there. Also the queen slims down for flight before swarming so its still not a gaurntee they'll stay, she might be able to slip thru.
They have been in hive for two day now and have not tried to leave. I will wait as you suggested till I see eggs.
If you are sure the original queen is in this swarm waiting for eggs is OK. If this could be an after swarm with a virgin queen then give them a frame of unsealed brood. Open brood will usuall hold the swarm without using an excluder.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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