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Question on established colonies.

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Hello all , last week i bought two new hive full of bees from an old timer beek. He had too many and the neighbors were complaining. Anyway , both hives have one deep then a shallow super then queen excluder with another shallow super on top of that. As where my other two hives i started this april have 2 deeps and a med. Super on top w/no excluder. My question is , should i add another super or remove the shallow and add a deep for brood? Or just leave it alone?
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I see this could start a debate about using or not using a queen excluder, without answering your question. :scratch:
What I would do is add a deep for brood, make sure the queen is not in the shallow super, put the excluder on top of the new deep and place the medium on top of the shallow. If there is brood in the shallow they will hatch out and the bees will fill it with honey. Then extract the honey when you decide to do so.
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