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Question: how should i trap these bees

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A store my wife shops at has bees in the outside wall about the front door (cant be good for business). i offered to remove them, but, i have never done this before and i have some questions.

first off they are in a difficult spot to trap, i was thinking about using a witches hat type trap. i saw one in junes '10 ABJ (pg 592) and it looks cheap and easy to build and fool proof if i can get it sealed. here is the problem the bees nest is in the wall under a over hang on a porch.

it looks like he use expanding foam to seal it up, not sure if the home owner will go for that? any ideas besides duct tape, already thought of that.

also what should that trap go into? the two pictures do not revile much, i cannot tell if the screen funnel goes in to the screen box and does that open up to the hive below it?

suggestion on how to build the trap would be nice.
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There's another problem to consider. If you trap them out, that will eave whatever comb and honey inside they have stored inside the wall. What temp will that wall get up to during the peak of the summer months in your area? If it gets warm enough to melt the wax, depending on how long they have been in there, it could result in a sticky mess.
Just a thought.

been there about two weeks.
did i mention it was over the front door. lol.

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from watching some of these videos and reading stuff online it seems like your chance of getting the queen is 50/50 to less. would it be prudent to order a queen and then bait a swarm trap near by?
A swarm trap works on one main philosophy, that there is a swarm. This will not happen until they have sufficiently filled out whatever cavity they have moved into. IT could take weeks, months or years....
The best solution is a quick cutout. Do it over Saturday afternoon evening and finish it up on Sunday. Back in business on Monday. The repair work could be done in a single day.

This will drag on and on. Quick cutout is my opinion.
very old historic house, one of the original houses in the town.
not sure if the owner will go for that, but, i will stress to him that he is going to have to remove the comb anyways...

just trying to have a plan for both options.

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