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Question for Massachusetts Beekeepers - Re: Bears

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How far east in Mass. have people had problems with bears, anybody east of 495 had problems?
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they are as far east as Worcester last I knew. I've seen how they drive on 495, no way a bear will make it east of 495. :)
Lots of problems with bears in Middlesex County. The bear that was shot in Newton last summer messed up a bunch of hives through the county as it made its way East - all the way up to 128/95.

Tony P.
I'm not east of 495 but not far west either. Had two bears get into my hives last year. Gave up on another site the year before because it was like feeding the bears. Remember a couple of years ago, a bear crossed one of the bridges over the Cape Cod canal. in my opinion, where there is suitable habitat in MA now, there will be bears.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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