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Question about Ultra Breeze Veil

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I am considering an Ultra Breeze, but I really don't like fencing veils. They have a tendency to lie against my face when I am in an awkward position under an eve doing a cutout or bending over near a hive. Sometimes, they blow back against my face when I'm not in an awkward position. I have been stung through these kinds of veils, so I stopped using them. But it seems the ultra breeze only comes with a fencing veil. For those of you who have one, does the veil ever rest against your face?

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Yes. Usually against you chin. And I still love it.
I was told to wear a baseball cap under it and the bill of the cap will keep it off my face.
That does work, but in normal beekeeping hive management it is very rarely an issue.
When I bend over the Sheriff veil does sometimes touch my chin. I wear a baseball hat and the veil never touches my face otherwise. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with the Sheriff veil concept, it just depends on how well it is made. I like it because the veil isn't attached to my head, which makes it easier to move my head around when working the hives.

I've used my Ultrabreeze for 3 years and never been stung or have a bee enter the suit. But, I don't do cut outs, either.
The fencing veil on the UltraBreeze has stiffeners that make it more rigid than the PMTC, Mann Lake, or Dadant veils I have. So I would say it is less of a problem than typical. With any of the full suits, buy them big - if they are tight crotch to shoulder the veil gets pulled back toards your chin pretty easily.
The veil is the weakest link in my opinion. I have an ultrabreeze jacket, and love the jacket, but have been disappointed in the veil. It is made of a plastic mesh and easily catches in things and tears. I have become tired of repairing it with window screen, and now wear the jacket with a Mann Lake plastic hat and wire veil combo.
same here not a big fan of fencing veil. I use the kelley brand box veil with a ventilated hat. The veil kelley makes, not cheap chinese junk.
That's just a deal breaker for me.
You could call them up and see if you could just get the suit. I love the ultra breeze suit.
Yes, the fencing veil does occasionly get back against my chin, and I have been stung thru the veil on some of those occasions, normally when in an awkward position, or when the wind is blowing and I forget not to face the wind. I still like the jacket very much. I just don't think it's that much of a problem. I guess the ball cap would fix some of those problems, but in Texas in the summer, anything you wear, like a ball cap, will cause one to sweat more.
I have two, so when one gets sweat logged, I can change and let it dry out.
I have the Mann Lake version purchased around 2011. I wear a wide brim baseball type hat under which does a good job keeping the veil away from my face.

Had the jacket on a couple of weeks ago in Arizona and noticed that the veil has developed some small tears along seams and small splits in random spots. I've only washed the veil a couple of times by hand and haven't subjected it to any abuse. Not happy that the veil is so vulnerable.

I had a 100% nylon jacket from Dadant for a long time that I loved. I loaned it for an emergency and never got it back. I would trade the one I have now for the nylon if Dadant still made it. The ultra breeze is pretty comfortable but not as comfortable as the nylon. The nylon wore a lot better, was a lot lighter and dried really quickly.

If anyone knows where I can get another nylon jacket, let me know!
If you wash your suit and veil in very soapy water and let it drip dry without rinsing, it will stiffen the veil just a little and the soap will keep all but the most aggressive bees off of you.
i do cutouts is SW Florida and wear a baseball hat under the veil. The sweat is better than a sting on the face.
It has a band that goes around your head that tends to keep it off your face. A baseball hat (or one of those brims without the hat) would help too, I suppose. I love them. I hate the helmet. You crawl under something with the fencing veil it works. You crawl under something with a pith helmet and it falls off... which is worse?
If anyone knows where I can get another nylon jacket, let me know!
Kelley offers a 100% nylon jacket .....
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