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Question about Queen cells (newbie)

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if I see queen cells and have a strong enough colony, can I split the colony and put the brood frame with the queen cells in the new colony and let them raise a new queen or do I need to buy a new queen for the new colony? I'm a LITTLE BIT confused by the whole splitting and requeening thing.
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Question What would you do in this case. All 10 hives started queen cells just after the first egg laying of the spring. Little or no new brood bees, Large but spotty brood patterns, and stopped laying in preparation for the swarm season. 10 to 20 cells from top to bottum in all hives. The hives are strong but not ready as the first of the honey flow of 12-14 weeks has already started. So splits wasn"t a question in getting a good honey corp. I removed all queen cells but one including mother queen her self and requeened other hives with the best stocks of left over queen cells of best size. Did I do good or not. These critters went stupid to early to recover I think. DirtyT3
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